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Fray Diego de Herrera OSA

Miracle Attributed to Fray Diego de Herrera

Fray Diego de Herrera Biography
Shrine of Holy Cross
Miracle Attributed to Fray Diego de Herrera
Miraculous Spring of Water Where Fray Diego was Buried
People's Beliefs That Fray Diego de Herrera is a Martyr and a Healer Of Sickness

Witness God's  Miracles Interceded Through the Help of Fray Diego de Herrera

First witness Monsingnor Alfonso Molina of Bato, Catanduanes.
He testified in his many sermons that He lit a candle in the shrine of Holy Cross where Fray Herrera was buried asking him ( Fr. Herrera) that if the candle was consumed, he will become a priest.Before Mamo Molina, there were many Batonhon who studied for the priesthood but failed because of the curse that no one in the town of Bato (where Fr. Herrera was killed) will become a priest.
Edgardo Bonifacio retired supervisor of Pandan, Catanduanes and Master Teacher Claro Tura of Panganiban, Catanduanes also testified that when they took the Teacher's Licensure Exam for the first time they failed but some of their classmate whom they believe were not ready to take the exam passed.When they took the exam for the second time in Virac, Catanduanes they encountered some devotee of Fray Diego de Herrera  were going to Batalay Bato, Catanduanes to ask some help from Fray Diego de Herrera.Out of curiosity they also went to Batalay and lit a candle to Fray Diego asking then to help them pass the exam. Their request was granted.

Please share your miracle experience attributed to Fray Diego de Herrera's intercession.

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